Following the announcement that the Canada Post office in St. Norbert, in Winnipeg, may lose its bilingual designation.

According to Canada Post, a public consultation period has been launched to gather comments from the community affected by this decision. 

Following a letter requesting details about the terms of the consultation, the Senator was informed that organizations representing linguistic minorities have until September 11, 2015, to submit comments or proposals regarding the bilingual designation of post offices affected.

According to Canda Post, the Fédération des communautés francophones et acadienne (FCFA) and the Société franco-manitobaine (SFM) were approached as part of this consultation.

“These consultations must not fly under the radar”. We expect a full consultation process.  Following the consultation period, it will be important to determine the conclusions of what has been said prior to reaching a final decision.”

“The community must be aware of this decision because it affects them, and they have to be ready to respond.”