The purpose of this bill is to modernize Part IV of the Official Languages Act – communications with and services to the public. 

This modernization will result in stronger protections for the rights of official-language minority communities. It also embodies the spirit of the Official Languages Act, which is to promote the use of both official languages and to enhance the vitality of official-language minority communities.

“Across Canada, official-language minority communities are working very hard to maintain their language, defend their rights and protect the gains they have made,”. “It’s time for Canada’s legislation to recognize and adapt to this reality.”

In June 2010, the Bill S-220, which died on the Order Paper once the most recent federal election was called for May 2011. This new bill has kept intact the essential aspects of the Bill S-220. It has been drafted to correct certain outdated provisions of the Official Languages Act, thereby encouraging the full development of official-language minority communities.